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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue ded tileset unrated
Created 2012-12-08
Last Modified 2012-12-08
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Description Ded to Jeremoon for being a person who constantly checks my maps and provides me with funny conversations. yay!

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to look like Hank from Madness Combat (especially when Hank gets transformed). :D I actually made a thread ages ago seeing if mappers could have a go at making a Madness combat themed map- He just needs an axe and red goggles.. But nice tile set anyhow though

:3 []

Oh I see

you just named me so I was irritated
you dont know how embarrased Im at the moment

my mappack?

its about 21.12.12 and I already made 6

you are to kind

Thanks gentle_blue. I converted your idea into fine gameplay


its late here too


I dont got any idea for my next map so a collab would be perfect :)
Could you start with some tiles?

are you open for a collab?


the lower half of his visor looks like the creepiest fucking smile.


NIce tiles :D
Demo Data

love it...

some really fun tilesets recently.


I was afk. now Im the third one...
What a shame
Awesome knight anyway


Awesome man! Pure Awesome, I just want some of these to MOSS. We'll talk later about this. ;)


link. [] Hmm, I'll make some scans now.

you should

shoot me a link to your deviantart if you do get back on there :)

thanks :D

I actually draw stuff like this also. Damn, gotta get back on deviantart.

and this time

I'll be first