Sleepless Night

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Author mrgy05
Tags action author:mrgy05 night playable sleepless unrated weird
Created 2012-12-09
Last Modified 2012-12-09
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Map Data

Description I've had this map sitting down here on my computer in the basement for about a week, it was a little project and I just forgot about it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Usually many mappers made large and adventure-esque maps, some of them frustrating, challenging and harsh ones. Maps to keep and play time from time trying to improve and doing finally a good run, or sometimes at least get a completion. Maps that you can spend hours, even days. miststalker06 is a huge creator of these, Yahoozy also have large maps on his own, losttortuga, blue_tetris and many others.. In your case, it's really special.

You're not a mapper that usually work with this style, and I must say that you have been able to create something great. Not only the difficulty and lenght, if not the style. It has a really particular style, is like a great little piece of art. Move around and discovering little by little, go forward and getting increasingly small achievements on this map is very satisfying. Great job! 5/5


yeah.. this ones cool but not fun because of those enemies, too many ofc.

I agree with Ferox

Great map and concept but it's almost too hard to enjoy. Would be 5/5, but too hard so 4/5


I'm thinking 1 guass and half drones?

Good map but I think the difficulty needs to be toned down a bit.