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Author mistaken72
Tags action author:mistaken72 lasers medium playable unrated
Created 2012-12-09
Last Modified 2012-12-09
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Where the act of {REDACTED} might just reduce -

Go for AG---- y

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its not great but have fun with it:

but make one with the gold i gave you anyway. :)


damn, i hate when i do urls wrong and cant edit them...


Is not a polar rose. However it is related and it is a type of hypocycloid. It does not however look like I could make a good map out of it. However because you showed interest here is what the gold would look like.

I challenge you to make a maps out of it. It would be nice if more people made maps out of graphs I think they are wonderful.


not bad

the broken walls are annoying to climb but suit the map's feeling.