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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru dragon fly tileset unplayable unrated
Created 2012-12-09
Last Modified 2012-12-09
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Holy sh*t



I thought the map wasn't as hard in its most recent form, so I took out the trapdoors, though I don't mind putting them back in. I was also rather hoping that, as long as you don't mind doing it of course, you might be able to improve the bottom left...? I don't really know what to do with it other than put a load of gold there, and you've already used your aesthetic wizardry in the top half to great effect!
Here, I made some more changes: []. Not sure I like the gold, though...


Go for it, I'd love to see what you make of it.


so I was messing around with our collab and came up with something pretty cool, though it's still a bit rough in places - what do you think? []

do we?

uuuuuuh you'll need to send me a link or something because I have completely forgotten about this >.<
the big one looks a little blocky, and the eyes are a little weird. The wings are amazingly detailed, though.

Definitly some pretty fancy tiles. I love the eyes!


this is sick. there's something about these tiles that just makes you stare at them all the time :D