18-4: Smoke Detonator

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Author RandomDigits
Tags ardee author:randomdigits featured hard jumper rated reduction
Created 2012-12-10
Last Modified 2012-12-10
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description This map is kind of a jerk, but it looks good. Made for PALEMOON's mappack reduction. This is like one of three maps I've made from start to finish in the last three months.

This map was featured on 2013-01-24

How the heck have this guy such unique and exquisite style?

RandomDigits is well-know, at least for those who were interested in knowing something about the other, by his passion to the mine-jumpers and difficult gameplays overall. When a mapper try to make something challenging, always puts some more. This genius not, he doesn't need much, this will suffice. I want that you put special attention at how him is able to make something devilishly complicated without even using a single enemy.
Smart mechanism, pure ingenuity. — zoasBE

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sorry if im late, but when did you become a moderator?


For some reason

I keep getting 332 frame runs >_____>
Demo Data

And, here's a cornerkick Speedrun, still 9 frames slower than Dox.
Demo Data

Here's a conventional Speedrun.
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You guys are totally right, I might get on IRC to someone proofread my reviews. Thanks.

Also, here's the faster Highscore. 87.950 in NReality. I have only missed two frames to get 88, for sure I'll try it again a bit later. ;)
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Great map. But did you really have to taunt the player like that?
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Then maybe he should improve his style by having people proofread his reviews


i thought that at first, but zoas said it is his style, so let us leave him alone ;D lets talk about map instead
but i know you're not a native speaker and so

This is good.

agree with atob

irc would be the way to go for that


you should get someone to proof read your reviews. Your passion is great, zoas, but the mistakes make the reviews lose impact.

in a bit, sure

just... make sure you've seen miststalker's demo first, right?

np, ardee,

You have really top quality maps, and I really think that you really deserve more Features. I challenge you to something? HS in NReality in this map? The first one that get it is the winner.. ;) :P (May be you can win, I have tried for days, and yet I didn't get it, but I think I'm so close..:P)


you spent way to much time on that lol. I already said, great map. I think ai rated it a 5


This is an excellent choice!
Thanks for the review!
(there's definitely no map to play here it's a feature dammit who would feature a map that can be played I mean come on that would be ridiculous please don't be ridiculous you all thank you thank you [])

I want zoas' next review to be in Spanish.

Too many consecutive days without pointing the reviewer instead of talking about the map itself, not NUMA?



it's definitely grammatical errors.
But there's no grammatical errors, it's just zoas style.
:P :P

Nice feature

cool review zoas (except for a few grammatical errors but whatever)!!

You really deserve it! Hope you like the one I choosed. ;)

10/12/2012 - 30 minutes.


I do not get it.

I pretend to like this


I hate you.

Demo Data
I like how it is pretty easy to win but pretty hard to agd. 4/5