Sunshine Excavation

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny mining rated
Created 2012-12-10
Last Modified 2012-12-10
by 8 people.
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Description script didn't want the title, so I used it. inspired by my old collab with chaosraider [].
I think this looks pretty sick in thumbnail. Go for the gold, it's fun! as always enjoy yourself :)

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im sorry ):

You are probably crying your face off right now :( here, to diverge your suicidal thoughts:

And yes, excpect a legit feature within the next month or two... one of your amazing tileset maps with cool gameplay.
why didn't I think of that...
That was me btw... comment back to me


how did you get that border line on your profile? bbcode please? I tried and stuff...

Its for this collab account
except for the ones on the bouncy blocks at the rocket
but the tiles are awesome
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Ten pseudoprisoner

Z greedy drones to po prostu:
Lose X gold per second instead of the deafult 1 gold per second.


Good map but left side is lacking but I like that. 4.5^
what was script THINKING.
The map is fun too.
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400 frames better

that's the best I can get, I bet
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could be done alot faster but yeah
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i liked it.
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really enjoyed it, excellent tiles as always, nothin' more to say. arr.

grats on 450!

Ok map

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