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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny jeremoon lsudnycollab rated
Created 2012-12-11
Last Modified 2012-12-11
by 14 people.
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Description super sweet collab with Jeremoon! We had some disputes over the objects and enemies and we ended up with this. Enjoy! :D

EDIT: it was cheatable. thanks Raif for noticing!

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I subbed this

As a 2012 Dronie Action Map candidate. Sad to see it didn't make it to the nomination stage, especially when some other weird ones did. Oh well. Nice map, though!


Playing the game frame by frame is actually a completely valid way to enjoy yourself with n. I love to do it because hitting the sweet spot in slow motion is really quite awesome. I understand that you probably can't appreciate that others are able to have fun in other ways than what you would think. Also, if you think I'm a horrible player I recommend you check out some of my runs in realtime that I have submitted to both nreality servers and competitions on the forums.


...Miststalkers is FBF as well, weak sauce...


...i think that when people post FBF speed runs that it makes them seem like horrible players (Ndeavour)...

hey hey school time !

many thanks, guys!

I also really like this map. Collabing with Jeremoon is fun! I'm gonna watch your demos later. school time

Speedrun. Incredible map, takes me back! 5aved. :)
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Cool map.


nope, nope, it doesn't. Rockets lag.


in mistalker mode :D
don't yet know if it works on the original
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this is good, this is really good. loved the little tunnels and the chainguns were really fun to dodge. 5aved

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didn't like left chaingun and how it made you wait if you timed it incorrectly
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I like this

it's fun. and it looks incredible, as your maps usually do. but my favorite aspect was the structure of the map; things like the two passageways in the middle that you could zig-zag through to get to the exit switch area. Demo attached :)
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Demo Data


exactly what unicorn said


Majna dodaƂ na plejerze.. Nie wiem czy sprcjalnie, pewnie tak. ;P


did you change anything? :p

hey its hard

But Im sure you can do it.
I didnt playtest it aswell


dafuq ;d
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I love how you're stuck in that place hopelessly :D you could use a bounceblock, though, silly unicorn

alright alright

here's an alternative version for miststalker! [] I didn't even playtest it... I dare you to SURVIVE


I told you to put 5 more rockets ;d

nice demos, guys!

miststalker, that is a nice route we didn't even think of. :P I really love how many paths you can take in this map.

this map actually reminds me of castlevanie
thats why I love it


I would add 5 mroe rockets.
So that mistsalker doesn't get bored.
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Fun and enjoyable map with a nice tileset.
A like how the map is divided into two sections without making it look totally obvious.
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this is hard

like always your tileset it awesome. but i cant beat it. so much chaingun...


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well that takes away my route

how was it cheatable?