99-4 End

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Author Jeremoon
Tags author:jeremoon end final hehemylastfunnystupiduselesstag rated serie stuff
Created 2012-12-12
Last Modified 2012-12-16
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I said the next map will take long? lol I lied >:D
Sooooooo yea here it is I hope you enjoy it :P
End of this Profile. So never call me Jeremoon again :< ... maybe Jerry heh
Im joking idc what you call me. Last thanks to following People:
(soz for bad english :P or if I forget you)

1211: With Zoas, Lsudny and deep blue one of the guys I know the most. He is always helpful and cool.

ZoasBE: Best motivativation for me. He always wrote more than just reviews in detail and it was always so exciting to read them :D

Lsudny: Numa Buddy! And collabs! And RCE! Just cool!

deep_blue: An outstanding gentleman with a hilarious humor, and buddy, and stuff like that

AMomentLikeThis: Helpful and demo my maps sometimes :O

Chrdrenkmann: He gave me my first feature and inspiration to do simplecity maps

R3D_N1NJ4: Cool Review of some maps and nice Idea for my next Mappack :D

Schaaaf: Like a big brother for me... where are you?

maxson924: IRC buddy!

-Jol-: Best friend on Numa for a long time but he is gone :(

miststalker06: Always AGD nearly all of my maps !

Tacit: He always completed my Missions!

Traveleravi: Irc buddy!

and again great guys where I just couldnt find a personal thank for because lack of activity or contact :/


Bye Everyone
You will see me soon again!

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bit late but

see ya mane

awesome tiles

aber sau schwer :D 5


why are you done with numa????

side note: nice map.
of course, you are still on NUMA, but i will miss your episodes. Some bumpy AGD at parting :)
P.S.: i don't know, who are "Taric", but if you meant me, thanks!
Demo Data

i had fun playing your maps, and i cant wait to see what you've got for your meanapple account. nice finisher for a episodic mappack. ill most likely play through some of your earlier maps and see what they're like. goodbye jeremoon and hello meanapple!

Demo Data

This plays well.

I fully expect to see you tomorrow.
Demo Data
its like a curse


What a great to day to finish your series. (12/12/12)
Will RCE it later.

Bye on this profile. You did some good stuff.

fellow friend :D
Fine, I will do excellent maps for cheap prices.. and tea
(no episodes)
Mostly grateful :) Also, would you give me an answer to a question of what you, good sir, are going to do on meanapple account of yours?

oh no I knew I forgot someone


bye friend! <3

Meanapple time!!! ;)