the last moments of Bruce Willis.

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Author lsudny
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Created 2012-12-12
Last Modified 2012-12-12
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This map was featured on 2015-05-27

24th of June, 3055. Journal of Bruce Willis DVIII.

History will not forget today; the books will include this. Those books won’t be read on Earth, though, for she is burning like summer BBQ right before my eyes. It was fun back when I was a child. Dad used to tell me that my grand-grand-ancestor was a bad-ass man. I wonder how he knew that.

Just five short years ago, I was on Earth. Today, I call the Moon my home. And now the quiet void awaits me, with whatever it holds.

See ya, ball of blue. — CF

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can't decide whether to like the fact that it's gone almost unnoticed

i can dig it


hi guy

u seam rilly nice can u help me? I am knew and I am nieding help. Does you know what these shiny yeller blocks do? I see them in maps and I touch them and thay like suck themselves up and nothing happins two me. PLEeese help me


my 100th favorit


I'm sorry if I misunderstood, but that was just my vision

the tiles

look like an astronaut assassin who looks somewhere far away, hopelessly, standing somewhere on the Moon with some dust behind him

Hey lsudny!

Do you mind if I make a map out of this tileset, as long as i give credit to you? There's a chance I might not, but it looks good enough for me to make a map from it sometime.


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that is pure skill
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great title

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