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Author RandomDigits
Tags ardee author:randomdigits jumper laser lone-enemy rated vehemence4
Created 2012-12-12
Last Modified 2012-12-12
by 5 people.
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Description So yesterday I suggested to someone to make maps with just one enemies, not even use any mines, to learn things about the gameplay that enemy can make to use in maps.

And then I thought of this map I made for Vehemence 4, and I went and found it, and then I fixed the way back because it was undoable, and I added tiles to make it more finished looking, and now I think it's ready to submit and I'm gonna click submit now and I hope you like playing it and maybe you'll even make a lone-enemy map of your own too! yeah!

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It shoots through walls.. Seriously..
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the one enemy thing

sounds like a really good idea. i might try it. i cant beat this level though but its pretty fun. having to only focus on the laser was great.


...sluggish AGD...
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death demo:
Demo Data

Oh well, then i'll try to make a lone-enemy map forcing to the player to really concrete gameplay.. ;)

And, I guess it's to Traveleravi that you told about, no?... :P
But it should explore or demonstrate the ways in which that particular enemy makes the player move.

Cool story bro!

I can remember when you were making your v4 maps, cool days. You produced really stunning maps for that project, i really like all of them. Yours are closely my favorites on v4. ;)
And yes, i'll try to make a single enemy map with a high degree of challenge soon..