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Author RandomDigits
Tags ardee author:randomdigits featured haunted n-art rated tile-art tileset
Created 2012-12-13
Last Modified 2012-12-13
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description An old tileset I made ages ago. Inspired by a painting of the same name.

This map was featured on 2013-06-06

Silently they follow. Saying nothing, doing nothing. But they are there. I can feel them hovering above my head and creeping beneath the floor. They are hungry but they are patient. As I walk on my path, on this road that is life, they never let me forget. They know and I know that I will soon join them, For all creatures become ghosts.

-Kaprekar — 123leonidas321

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the frogs from here []?

because looking through my tile-art tag, the two maps are next to each other lol


I don't like how you're all assuming it's a man.

AHH the dreaded student loan haunting!!
metaphorical perhaps.


anyway, I see. I still 5aved it though, just my opinion about that tile

* I apologize if I can't voice what I want to due our linguistic differences and imo.


I disagree, that lonely 3-tile up there it's atmospheric as hell!

You're not aware of it, because of the subconscious, but it is a part of the whole, and makes to the whole thing more sense. Round the image and gives more shape.

I agree zoas

but the one thing I don't like is that 3Q tile above the guys head.

also thanks to Kaprekar, and sorry ChrisE, but I hadn't planned a different feature today ;)
The silhouette is sleek. Its rhythm when walking, its pose, silent and downcast, thoughtful, holding his hands on the back, his steps... The ghosts, mysterious, with a touch of fun, even you can see different faces in each of them, they seem even changing, like a ghost should be. Everything is provided together and the proportion is perfect.
And the atmosphere, idea and message are clever. Well done, really well done.

Like I said,



fantastic tiles. love that man especially. looks a bit like phoenix wright.

Well deserved :)

These tiles are so cool. The ghosts are great.

thats just


They are called lurkers.

Howling ghosts they reappear
In mountains that are stacked with fear

cute ^_^


super cool. I love the ends of the ghosts. and the sadness of the man.
Tileset of the year for sure!! I'll nom it to Dronies 2012 sure. ;)