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Author RandomDigits
Tags action ardee author:randomdigits mota-reject progression rated suspense
Created 2012-12-14
Last Modified 2012-12-14
by 5 people.
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Description I made this in early 2011, inspired by this map [] by blackson. [] My goal was to have the progression of challenges lead to a buildup of suspense. I hope you enjoy this map more than those ****s who were judging on the moa site at the time did.

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death demo

the mines are annoying. The rest is neat.
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I dont get to the opener :/
But the challenge its provide it's awesome. The diferents parts are well inter-connected and with the whole degree of difficulty this map becomes in a right piece for a book of challenging maps that everyone should have.
Man, I really like the challenge of your maps, you have some pretty devilish ones, and i like that.
also, I kind of think the gold at the top is tacky, does anyone else think the gold at the top is tacky?
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in the FACE

Difficult minejumps. Gauss is a killer.
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To be fair, I did remove one extremely badly placed mine before submitting here.
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