Double Helix

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Author stickfight
Tags author:stickfight n-art rated
Created 2005-12-21
Last Modified 2005-12-21
by 21 people.
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Description You have to watch this. It should look like a spinning double helix (like DNA). Best at a bit of a distance. Please rate

Kingcranium gave me the idea (unintentionally)

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looks mesmerising
I never thought of the optical illusion aspects of it. neat


It's also an optical illusion. It could be spinning either way.


That's cool. 4aved
................mesmerising. Or maybe it's just my addiction to blinking lights.



That looks prity awsome. I bet you could make that into some kind of map and it could be really cool.

Nice Idea

Looks nice, pity that you cant really do the strings...