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Author StreetsAhead
Tags action agd-able author:streetsahead flow playable race rated
Created 2012-12-18
Last Modified 2012-12-18
by 7 people.
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Description Part 3 of this series were I name the maps words that I don't use often. I think the drone is the best enemy I've ever made in any of my race maps, but that doesn't say much. You must go VERY fast in order to beat the drone and not die.

Have fun!

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also good! was going to recommend marijnenandries but saw destiny beat me to it. so how about bunniesandsheep, in_dub, maybe psycho_co
It was.. interesting. :P
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When I saw destiny's comment I was like, "WTF, hows he so fast o.O" Then I saw the demo :P
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Like it's 2008 again all of a sudden. Play some of calamity7 or marijnandries maps (links on my profile) and you'll see what i mean ^^

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for making better races than I could ever do
the rocket at the exit always kills me ._.

Once again,

you managed to pull off a masterpiece of a race! I love your races, especially the corruption/consumption/c------ ones

quite enjoyable

and the flow isn't too hard to find. three point 5.
This map is quite a bit harder than my other races.
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