Steps of Fury

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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi cereal medium unrated
Created 2012-12-18
Last Modified 2012-12-18
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Description Mediumish. The rockets dont seem to do a ton but if you stay still for too long they will get you.

This map is dedicated to 123leonidas321, new mapper who is improving rapidly.

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I didn't see that trapdoor key at first, and tried to beat the map without using it.
When i've noticed the trap doors, it was like to find a treause.

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Lol thanks

for the info on favorites... I'm so dumb. BTW I love those giant collabs you make with people. If you ever plan on making another, could you tell me? I would like to join (If I'm allowed, as long as it's not elite mappers only)

a childish nickname*
That was just a childish I thought was funny 8 years ago :P


Fun map :D
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Thanks! 5/5 for Awesome ded, and interesting gameplay. I liked how the one hidden drone was behind the seeker-one!