Crush Like Rivers

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Author RandomDigits
Tags action ardee author:randomdigits featured landscape rated renovation rock-climbing
Created 2012-12-21
Last Modified 2012-12-21
by 6 people.
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Description Another map from long ago, this one started in february 2009, I found it and I cleaned it up and improved it and now I think its full potential has been successfully unlocked! I hope you like it too!

This map was featured on 2015-06-22

There have been many mappers heralded for their command of the aesthetic aspect of the game we all know and love – Pheidippides, atob, Yahoozy, just to name a few. Curiously, RandomDigits is seldom mentioned in this category, but one only needs to take a glance at this map to understand that this is inexcusable.

Using a tile style that is undeniable his own, he makes a desolate cliff-scape and the lone trees, standing defiant against time and tide, come to life. Combine that with sublime gameplay and superb enemy placement, and you've got yourself a real winner here. — lifdoff

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Oh yeah!

this got featured


this would have been faster
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I'm still so proud of this map
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Very fun,

Great RD level as usual. Nice pace that you have to keep up, good level of difficulty and pleasant aesthetics. What more can you ask for. 8/8

Lovely map.

You really make awesome tiles. <3
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dead ;d

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I went for the gold this time
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great tiles.
The laser was annoying coming out of the openings sometimes, and the right side of the top tree was didn't look natural. Other than that, pretty fun.


Gold is fun too, you know
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2009 version []
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