20-4 The Mine Calendar

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 20-4 2012 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes rated series
Created 2012-12-21
Last Modified 2014-01-24
by 13 people.
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Description ITS A PUN!
well, it has finally come. first, there was the Y2K in 1999...or 2000 whatever. then, there was 21 may 2012...or 2011. whatever, i forget. and now, 21/12/2012. as the mayans predicted. HEAD FOR THE BOMB SHELTERS!!!no just kidding. i know the world wont end. but it's fun to think that it will. so, this is my 3rd text map in this one episode. what can i say? i love text tiles. i like the tileset in this one. and i hope you enjoy this level.
so, were the mayans right? or were they just a bunch of stupid gossipers that started a dumb rumor that the world will end. FIND OUT! in about 5 hours.

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I added some mines and gold, you can submit it

we should


lol punnnn



...faster AGD...

...very awesome theme and execution here ninj...
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nice demos


very cool tiles

and PUN!

fun map, too.


Had fun trying to get round that drone :)
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thanks man

i did like adding in the puppies:)

it's christmas hols

i have a lot of stored maps from vehemence, after a long crazy term at uni i'm back in quiet corsica with a bit of peace and quiet, and the end of the world is nigh...

so yeah :D

i liked the tiles a lot in this map. and the decorations. and the puppies. good gameplay, not too frustrating... 4.5! UP :D

you know



that drone.. buffering ...
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the 21?


good observation there leonidas.

why only 3 ninjas?

You are getting better and better... actually better than me
I think I have to eliminate you.. so its your word end

sweet tiles man

i like em

I can't wait to see the look on the faces of everyone that spent their life savings in time for this event.

Also, the tiles do indeed look awesomesauce. Well done with that.
I do have one minor gripe with this though; the first oneways. The way they're placed prevents easy entry to the first group of gold. Not sure if it was meant to be like that, but yeah. More annoying than challenging (see demo for what I mean).

But anyway. 4/5, since I really enjoyed collecting the gold, especially at the ending.
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concerning the map

awesome text tiles, cool use of doors to mirror the tiles. I liked the up/down play style. The drone is overkill imo
The Mayans never said the world would end. Its just that the calender that was uncovered didn't go beyond the 2012 winter solstice, which marks the beginning of the age of Aquarius. Also due to changes to the Roman calender and the adding of months (august) over the centuries, we are about 4 years beyond the actual Mayan end date.


not the hardest level but, hey, who needs a really hard level.
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