Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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Author llabesab
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Created 2012-12-22
Last Modified 2012-12-22
by 5 people.
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Description -Abraham Lincoln

DED to 29403, Macrohenry, 123leonidas321, EddyMataGallos, Meanapple, and Seneschal for completing my latest map, Derek.

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i beg to differ.

mti is annoying hard.


and MTI is fun hard, not annoying hard

MTI is a great map :p

I feel stupid.

I just realized your name is baseball backwards.

AGD -1

That single piece of gold is useless and I agree about the rockets, I think 2 would have been enough. But all in all I like this map. 4
Demo Data

too many rockets, i'm afraid. 2. sorry baseball


I appreciate the ded. Rofl you and mean apple below XD




makes shitty music about getting drunk which is lame


you can tell me

If annoying people isn't good, then what is MTI?


there are countrys whos native language is not english

Well, you're annoying me with your lack of grammar.

annoy people

is not good


I like making really hard maps just to annoy people.