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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru krrrristmas milbus playable race rated slumbi
Created 2012-12-23
Last Modified 2012-12-23
by 5 people.
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Description You got to feel, what's the right pace, you understand, you got to feel it, Luke.


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ok, cool. Could I suggest calling it "Simondy"? It's like a verbal pun on "diamond sea" (with the 'd' and 's' switched it sounds almost alike)

that's perfect

would you mind if I subbed it, or do you want to?


I get your point, though I'm still fond about the idea of optional about something like this? It makes the top part a little more meaningful, I think: []

ok []

made a couple of tiny changes; moved the top gold so that trapdoors are optional for agd and I moved one of the trapdoors to make it easier

oh yeah

I did look at it, I remember not being too keen on some of the changes but I've been so busy lately catching up on holiday work that I haven't really done anything with it. I'll take another look at it when everything's died down a bit more, don't worry.

Agree with APulse

The flow was off for me, even if it was intentional, but I did like the tile set. 2/5.
thanks apulse! I'm totally aware of the points you mentioned, yet it confirms my qualms with them. finally I decided not to change anything but keep it rough, just like my other pseudo-races, and live with the consequences.


In terms of a race map, I would agree with the 2/5 (below average).
Here is a picture which points out all of the places I didn't like:

Almost all of the circled locations made me lose momentum, which is a huge part of race maps for me. In your next race , I advise you to try and "smooth" the path up a little bit.
As for the good parts, I liked how you made the ninja exit the structure and fly out for a little bit. Also, the bit with the backwards thwump (although disruptive) was pretty clever.
Demo Data


here, bros and chicks, have a demo of the intended path (slightly alternating routes may be possible)
Demo Data



alright then

rating 2/5 and not saying why is always very constructive.