Cocaine DEA

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny shitshitshit unrated
Created 2012-12-24
Last Modified 2012-12-24
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Map Data

Description a crappy reconstruction of a map I made but lost it ;_;

the map name was taken from one of bubble bath ingredients I misread (derp)

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Yes we could collab some time, it's just that I don't really know when I'll have time for it / inspiration / whatever else is needed for it :)
But it will happen sometime, because our last (and only) collab sucked xD
We'll keep in touch ;)

awesome tiles. love the channel through the middle. great stuff.
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love it

simple yet awesome. nice

better agd

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there you kurwa go!


5aved. very fun.

I didn't notice the was no clear way to the exit before.
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fucking pro again

epic dodge in the bottom. just epic. xD

I do not have a plan to climb that wall lol.
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pro intro

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