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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead race rated
Created 2012-12-28
Last Modified 2012-12-28
by 11 people.
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Description Well, I finally made a Con (or C) map. Why did I take a while between my no tile race and this? Well, I made two races in between it but BOTH OF THEM WERE DELETED HALF WAY THROUGH MAKING IT. Apparently, pressing tab + q basically deletes the window without so much as an "are you sure?" Anyway, I'm fairly proud of this map. It reminds me of Destiny quite a bit, so I'd like to say thanks to Destiny for inspiration. Have fun!

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Pretty awesome!

I might make a race sometime because of this. Well, after when my 400th is completed. XD

But I loved it. 5aved! The five brought it up a point as well. :D

Also, I've lost some cool maps due to the tab-q thinh. I changed the boss key to something just to prevent it. lol
And my maps will probably look a lot like this ^^


it's a series I am making. I've done roughly 8-10 maps so far.

whats a Con map ? :O


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nice one!

agreed with flag. Not anything much that gets a wow, but all very solid and enjoyable.
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for the future

change your keys... pressing tab+q is the worst nightmare of humanity. D:

this one's pretty fun! the difficulty was perfect for me. 4.
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hey this is pretty good. not as interesting as it could be but relaxing. 4


...i feel your pain brother! ive deleted so many awesome maps in the years ive been playing this fuggin game. just recently i had the realization that i can change the settings on the command keys and i changed the tab key to something way out of the way, so that will never happen again...

Demo AGD

Laser positions are good, you shouldn't die by them if you're fast enough.
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