21-4 2013-Year of the Ninja

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 21-4 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes happy-new-year series unrated
Created 2012-12-31
Last Modified 2014-01-24
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Description HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
i hope you guys have a safe new year and that you had fun partying and getting drunk! now that it is 2013, im going to be the first person to say fuck on NUMA....fuck.
there we go. anyway, now that ive got that off my chest, i want to make this map out to be a DED to all of you guys. ive been on NUMA for 5 months now and im having an awesome time. good luck for the new year and always remember: NEVER trust anyone on chat roulette...oh and always eat breakfast.

also, if you want, write what your new years resolution is going to be. mine is to think of a new years resolution for next year.

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No gass problems..



While playing, the gass it the biggest threat..
then I always die to a rocket, I'm porbably impatient lol.

that combination works well here and that exit switch acts like a pseudo-mine because if you get it too fast you lost your AGD attempt.


How stupid can I be.
Demo Data

AGDD again

So much fun..

Found a decent route however ts hard to get it right eery time due to the gold radius.
Demo Data

AGDD.. meh.

Happy new year. : )
Demo Data


thanks BP

i will edit that.

also 29403, im just joking, i dont promote getting drunk...buuuut if thats how you wanna role....


getting drunk is lame

Also, I think you mean 'resolution'. You know, as in something you're gonna resolve...? Though I guess you could revolutionise something, too...

Otherwise, my resolution would be to spend less time on the computer, while my revolution would be to somehow make spending time on computers really healthy.

Happy New Years :P