Cube Minus One [Nreality]

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Author Unicorn_Drone
Tags author:unicorn_drone nreality unrated
Created 2013-01-01
Last Modified 2013-01-01
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Map Data

Description I guess I'm back to Nreality because I was running out of ideas. Expect more.

A pretty interesting feature in Nreality.

Could be used in survival maps to increase difficulty over time.

Where is your god now?

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fastest agd

simple, yet precise challenge.

great work!
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Fastest AGD.

Wow, really liked the acceleration mod here. Pretty clean and decent. I really enjoyed looking for routes, and trying to do faster again and over again, I always play without watching any run from nobody, so, I have enjoyed a lot looking for a quick route, and seeing how the rocket behave, and was especially fun when it went too far, or when there was a really close close-call. Really funny.

0th in NReality. Taked from Sen's by .150 (6 frames).
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this was a lot of fun. nice mod. 4/5
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nope. []

best death demo

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Firstly I posted this as a survival, however I managed to kill the rocket = acceleration speed drops to start level, so you could do it forever.


Not really that quick. Fun survival though.
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Hahaha, great fun!
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fastest agd

rocket's too damn fast for its own good
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those drone avatars look really cool.


I think I effed up soemthing in the nreality code..

just doesn't sound right, however it works..

Great demo


faster AGD

dont know how i managed to pull this off
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also cool map

that rocket is terrifying.
i didnt get an AGD but i managed to really trick the rocket.
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Coolest demo so far. : P
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me too

i always rate a map 4 or 5.
i remember i saw your other account drikam and noticed it had the same avatar as yours. though then i thought it was just a coincidence.


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Rocket just perfectly sniped me.
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