Queen's Problem

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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi chess easy fun funzy math unrated
Created 2013-01-01
Last Modified 2013-01-01
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Map Data

Description Place 8 queens on the board so that none of them can kill each other. This map is two solutions, feel free to find others. Also so you will not be confused when a mine is placed on top of a piece of gold a bounce block is formed.

This map evolved from a math puzzle. The gold is my solution and the mines are Paradox's

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Wanna know how

I know its you?

Hows it going

on elhombre's account ? :P
its you, isnt it? Idc if it is anyway lol


Fun map :D
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I will give it a 3 becaus it looks nothing like a Queen


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I guess I dont get math
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