who the fuck broke my glasses

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Created 2013-01-02
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Description collab with etothetaui. check his maps out, they're pretty good.

it is now the ninth week of katnip kollege. exams are nigh. our hero cat has four exams next week:

- "the mechanics of the mouse trap"
- "trapping mice using ordinary everyday household objects"
- "making the better mouse trap with the board game "mouse trap" (practical"
- "mouse catching assesement, level 2 (practical)"

our hero cat has the attention span of about 13 cat minutes, so revising is off for him. he would much rather get high on katnip, go clubbing (this cat is quite nuts) or look at cute tortoiseshell girls instead of training for his practical exams and hitting the books with the written exams. nerdy tuffy comes up to our hero cat's dorm and tries to help him study, but nerdy tuffy is dragged by our hero cat to the club. oh well, nerdy tuffy doesn't really need to revise the mechanics of mouse traps, but he sure does need training on catching mice, i suppose

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I love how every single collab that involves trav has f*** somewhere in it XD


they are
etothetaui is his IRC name

Good map

but I don't get the eto thing. So are etothetaui and traveleravi the same person?

and since you cant rate


By the way people, if you didn't know... I'm etothetaui []


no not really