02-0: Robot Trash Compactor

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Author Traveleravi
Tags author:traveleravi cereal dragons easy etothetaui unrated
Created 2013-01-03
Last Modified 2013-04-07
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Description This a 16th of a dragon. I don't have the full picture yet because its not done...

More to come...

Playtested by RandomDigits

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Fun little map ;)
Demo Data

Hey traveleravi

Me and Mohit_Ghune have been doing some collabing. Could you playtest this map []? It is symmetrical, so we figured you would be a good playtester. Thanks in advance.


I have asked to you long ago, some words about MOSS 2nd Column, this one in which you appears, but it seems that you have completely forgotten. No problem friend, I ask you again. Could you write a paragraph or something about the second column in which you appear, about yourself and your contribution, or about the twists, the moss and forest critters, or even about the mathematics in the second MOSS column, about what your want friend, and you can send to me in pastebin form? Download the 2nd column to take a look and take inspiration.
Thanks in advance.
I might use them at some point! ;)


Demo Data