Please Don't Tease The Little Rocket

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags 1211 author:mohit_ghune ctrdda dda fun rated rocket
Created 2013-01-04
Last Modified 2013-04-17
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description My best CTRDDA!! Much better than I Like The Smell Of Soot []. It contained only launchpads, so became very boring. This one doesn't contain any launchpads, that is why it is better.

The map was previously 1123 frames long, and it had a boring tileset. But then I gave the map data to 1211 [], who made an awesome tileset. In his 'honor' I edited the map, and made it 1211 frames longer.
Also, there is a speedrun path (thanks to 1211, again), for speedrunners. :-)

And, do rate!!

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demo data?

this is don't move but save a demo data's?
i won this level but.. i not sended demo.

thanks dude though I think this one is even more amazing than mine..!

Great dda. I'm always really impressed by ctrddas




I would be more than happy for collabing.
I prefer making DDA to other genres.


Sorry for the. Double. Comment. Doing. This from a phone. :D
We should collab a CTR sometime.


this map is awesome, however there are plenty of rocket chasing ddas and so on ; P

Ninja chasing a rocket ftw.
so thought out and planned. never seen a DDA where the ninja chases the rocket. good job, you can have my children.



thing that i noticed lately:
the rocket not even for one frame gets behind the ninja (except for the begining) even at turns... did not notice before :D

the speedrun

it is 321 frames...a kinda ded to leonidas for collabing three maps with me (soon to be submitted) :D ;)
Demo Data


I loved it, I can tell you have been working hard. @coldcut: roflololol!!!

Ps-Are we still collabing? I feel it's shame we never posted something even though we had such a great time collabing with many different things :/ If you're still up for it pm me on the forums. Currently I am doing a quick collab with lsudny, but I can multitask! ;)
I really expected the rocket to go through the tiles more often. A little disappointed. This is quite an elegant DDA though. Just like taking a walk with your pet rocket.


Glad it turned out well! Faved!

quite neat!

I liked the part with bounceblocks covering the rocket... you had no idea what's going on there!


all of you!!
It really means a lot!!
:) :)

So n chases rocket

cool, never saw that done before. 5/5. this ninja is chuck norris, rockets run from him!

Sweet DDA

Demo Data

really amazing dda

i tip my big, funky hat to you, sir!


thanks, Jeremoon!

just kidding, its amazin