X07-3: New Personal Best

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2013-01-05
Last Modified 2013-01-05
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Description Again, Puzzle-ish to All Gold. I really like this one.

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I think I wouldn't

be able to keep up with the high standards of those levels any more, I'm afraid. I've lost all sense of enemy choice and structure. Now I pretty much just play other people's maps and if I make something that's worth of Mepisodes, I'll submit it, of course, but that hasn't been the case so far... :p


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Sweet map

I like the style of this one, especially with the drones

I think my first AGD route, obviously, cleaning it and executing it really well it's even faster than yours.

And here's the Speedrun, still improvable.
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And here's a really slower one, but having fun and dodging drones waiting for them go back.. ;) It's cool too.
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Well done macrohenry on showing the way to beat the drones!. ;)
Here's mine a bit slower AGD at the playtesting also beating the drones but with a slightly diferent route.
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Ok, Epic4ever,

Have you even tried it?
Go for all gold man, and you'll see why.


Okay, but why seven drones?