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Author mercuri
Tags action author:mercuri chaingun phials unrated
Created 2013-01-05
Last Modified 2013-01-05
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description enjoy and have fun in the test lab

just a simple map i'd like to see in a custom episode, too bad you can't make your own in n

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thanks man. also, nice run.

i still can't make a good agd but i think i placed some golds in some too hard sposts.

Double post, much better run.
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Too lazy to make an AGD. Welcome to the community.
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I like it.

Welcome to Numa
a nice challenge, slightly repetitive. i would have liked it better recasted into a tilejumper/minejumper but this is not bad in an action form. the chainguns can sometimes be overkill.

Good job,

especially for a 3rd map!


good stuff