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Author mammaletto
Tags author:mammaletto heisenberg n-art tileset unplayable unrated
Created 2013-01-08
Last Modified 2013-01-08
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You set a good start last time, so maybe you can win or get close to doing so this [] time!

ded that I owe you.

oh and congratz mam

for 200th map


BB NEVER appeared in german TV so I never watched 1 episode, so I was asking whats so great at it, because everyone seems to love this show and I get interested...

walter jr

cereal palsy



we need to cook

Woooo mam! I'm also a BBLOVER!! It's my favorite series with a huge difference! It's just awesome! I've made two tribute maps a bit ago too, and I think we have made the Breaking Bad symbol in a very similar way ;) I'll leave the links to the maps below. In your case I really like the way you have made the very subtle tiles, the goatee and glasses, really well done! It also remember me to a Gordon from Half-Life no?... :P May be it's just me.. :P Nice job man!

Werner Heisenberg were a very important physic in early 1900s and states the Uncertainty Principle. And I guess that Walter White, Walt, granted himself that pseudonym due this.

Meanapple, whats so great at it? Everything.
Everything man, its script and plot twists, its dynamics, the plot, as how the chapters are constructed, the characters, each of them is excellently built and have much to do with each other, and they are perfect examples in real life. And I suppose also that many other things that are far away from the understanding of someone like you. His backdrop, the subjects covered and what is not implicitly there, but that you can read between the lines. As I've said, too much for you. Seriously Meanapple, I really can not understand how you are able to do so very many stupid comments one after another. Sorry, but you have a problem. Visit your doctor dude.
Br and Ba are bromine and barium elements, respectively

broken bed

breaking bad

whats so great at it?