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Author da_guru
Tags author:da_guru collab dimondsy featured playable rated seneschal
Created 2013-01-08
Last Modified 2013-01-08
by 13 people.
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Description Seneschal+da_guru. The mighty two strike again!

This map was featured on 2013-01-14

I'm normally against featuring maps reasonably soon after they've been uploaded but this one should really have gotten more attention.

da_guru and Seneschal have captured the art of the unsuspecting ninja; thwumps stampeding towards (or away from) you at every turn, trying to hinder and kill you.

Eventually you'll make progress, we all do in the end, but it's the relief you feel after your first success that makes this map what it is.

Great work. — ChrisE

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Our bubble collab


how is the bubble collab coming on your part?


haha, wow

congrats! again, very cool map :D

Oh look.

Z-snap gold! :D


downloaded this map yesterday, got featured today. First time that's happened to me.
By the way, great map. I love all of your maps.

Very interesting!

Not without flaws though. It's not consistently solid, which is a shame because this map is quite promising like most semi-conceptual works. I love everything Sen though, so 4 Aved


very happy with how this turned out. Thanks for collabing!
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that this is beatable without the trapdoors. Gold is really refreshing too. Wanted to love the gameplay, and the bottom half (minus the first part of it, which i found slightly too unforgiving) definitely was pretty great, but i didn't enjoy it overall as much as i wanted too. Still at the very least a great looking, fairly fun and refreshing map. Good job guys
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silly lsudny

oh man

this is cool
but this is pretty cool! Liked the mechanics. The gold was also neatly nidden. Looks awesome in the thumbnail. nice work, guys!
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