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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated
Created 2013-01-09
Last Modified 2013-01-09
by 8 people.
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Description inspired by that old epigone map about lasers.


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rocket detected

start is awesome and so is that mine
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was the september campaign?(Stupid question but sounds familiar)

I totally should.

I'll post it as my 400th. lol


I'm loving the tiles. Great map.

Make a Bond map


Me eyes! They be harmed by de bullets.

I don't know what that was... but 4/5

And cool map.

I'm sort of bored. I might make a ded to you soon.

Yo man

your 500th map is coming up...make it count!!!


...a bit faster but still im sure someone could prolly get sub 1200 AGD on this map...
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probably best Ive ever done, but xerces will prob be better :(
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...very action packed...
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I kept on going for it you know.. I was like: "I'm gona' do this!" agd I mean... but when I finally got all the gold and found myself in the lower left corner and couldn't figure out how to go into the exit fast, and got shot down.. I just lost it :P
4 almost 5 but not really
enjoyed it