The little rocket that could.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese featured nreality rated
Created 2013-01-10
Last Modified 2013-01-10
by 14 people.
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Description //NReality//

As a result of a map with a very similar name being so awesome it sucked all the attention, I give you this, a map where I don't know what you guys are going to think. Don't think it's been done to this extent before. Was a lot harder, think this is better.

Have fun everyone! ^.^

This map was featured on 2015-03-10

In celebration of the release of NReality 7 [], and the fact that this map won the Dronie award [] for NReality map of the year 2013 after a long delay, I am proud to present one of the most creative NReality maps ever made. "The little rocket that could." by NachoCheese eschews practically all elements of traditional N gameplay, in exchange for a cunning take on the classic KRA mechanic. Once you figure out the relationship between the ninja's movement and the rocket, simply steer the rocket to the exit switch to make the exit accessible. Okay... maybe not so simply... — ska

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This is so cool

congrats on the recognition!

Someone gives me a bit of guacamole?
And a nice review as well.

So cool!

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This map was great

I managed to do it after a while.
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funky stuff

Come back the 7th ;) you'll thank me :)))

in this review

what grammar problem, dude... i understand the "mappacking" thing, but what grammar problem? everyone else seemed to like it :/

Cool idea

I like it!
Away from my computer, otherwise I would. >.<


okay.. found it...

but you should actually post it here instead lol.


I mean I got nreality, but I just cant see any demos there.. in user levels.. I guess I must be doing something wrong..


what do you mean..

cant see any demo ;c

why dont you guys just post a demo in the comment, meh. ;c
Anyone else who completes it gets a cookie. Or a ded. Or some RCE's or something. :3
I find it hilarious how this is right underneath the little drone that could ATM. >.<
Anyway, thanks for the comments guys, sorry it was a teensy bit too difficult.

Not even

going to try anymore :(
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Is this possible???

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I like this.

The idea was very cool. I think this is hard and very fun. 4/5

cant make the way to the switch so I cant tell..
the rocket triggers the switch? I doubt it..

Cool idea


this should be on paragmn shift lol
but it is very creative...and difficult. nice idea. 4/5