Monument to Forgotten Love

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable ppii rated
Created 2013-01-10
Last Modified 2013-01-10
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description From Pheidippisodium, Part II []. Submitted at flag's request. If someone can AGD this faster than 312 frames, I'll eat my hat.

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hm. simple.

a little too simple.
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Shaved off an additional 3 frames from Eddy's run. All Gold!
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Thanks :D


Wow, just wow. Impressive AGD. o_o

Like you hat eaten isnt it? haha


Improved to almost 99
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Consider my hat puked and back to my head, its not edible.

AGD Improvable.
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Lucky for me,

I don't wear a hat. But if I did, I would certainly eat it. Well done, gents.


Beating nDEAVOUR's run. :D
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your hat eaten.
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Over 98. Fun map :D
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wtf 1211

you beast

Hmmm, I think I got it. Can I please have a picture or possible a gif of you eating said hat?

Have a lovely day. :)
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I got this.

Fun map, though. :D
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Gah, right on the money. I don't know where to shave off that last frame.
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Pheidi! Long time no see, I would love to see you eat your hat but I'm not gonna make you do it today. How's everything going, still running?
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