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Author 1211
Tags 400th action author:1211 minejumper post-rock rated sigurros
Created 2013-01-10
Last Modified 2013-09-14
by 16 people.
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Description 400th map! A preview of a short mappack I'll be working on.

Originally, I was going to make a special DDA for this milestone, but it'll be postponed for a later date. A dedication to all those who have enjoyed my maps. I'd make a dedication list, but pretty much all of you made it on there. Enjoy this one, guys!

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First AGD

This is a great mine-jumper. Congrats on 400!
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Then I watched Eddy's Nreality demo.. truly awesome run.

Nice minejumper! :)
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Clearly a perfected map. And I feel proud since I completed most of it!


And good map :). The last time I played this game was almost a half and a year ago! And I feel old D=. But IDK, I wanna play it again, but I have to train more with this kind of maps XD.
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A bit easy for a jumper though, not sure.

Oops no sorry, forgot to say its AGD -2, because I think those 2 isolated gold pieces arent worth their time.


Wow big difference o.O
Big congratulations, and as for the map, really enjoyable jumper!
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Congrats! 400!

I liked this map very much. That´s why I 5aved this. Glad you made this to your 400th map. My computer began suddenly to lag before I completed this but I´ll try again when lag goes away.

Come on, guys.

I'd like to hear what you think of the map rather than a congratulation. :)


no big surprise :(

Congrats on 400!


quite a solid mine jumper
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Have you ever heard the artist Benjamin Gibbard? I know we have similar music interests and I think you might like him.



if the dda you are working on is what im thinking of im very excited

:( these sorts of maps scare me
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here we are. i kinda stuffed up a bit at the end. very cool and ver addictive minejumper you have here. 5aved
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here we go

much better run than my last one. this time i actually knew where to go. ill try for an AGD now.
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a great milestone. sweet minejumper you have here. im going to try to improve my run.
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How many mappacks are you making? As I can remember you have tried it several times..

Our mappack it's still on going?


Once again, a huge thanks to all who have enjoyed my maps.
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