Keep What's Yours

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Author mrgy05
Tags author:mrgy05 casual jumper minejumper mrgy playable unrated
Created 2013-01-12
Last Modified 2013-01-12
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Description A casual mine jumper.

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Still not a fan. :/
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simple and fun. Almost feature-worthy :D 5aved


this is simple but just nice.
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Enjoyable map. I think the difficulty level is fine, it suits the laid back atmosphere.
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Yeah, it's easy, but it's perfect for Highscoring in a relaxed way. It's cool have easy maps in between of a collection. You know, balance is key. ;)
Any objections on a delist and I'll repost w/ some updates later?
I was hoping that there would be multiple ways to get to the exits, but I guess not. :/

This was fun.

I liked gold collecting. maybe bit too easy. 4/5
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