Caveman Dig

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day caveman dig easy featured hard level rated
Created 2013-01-13
Last Modified 2013-01-13
by 24 people.
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Description Dig your own level.

This map was featured on 2013-01-29

Caveman Dig shows again what a brilliant guy lord_day is. The concept is amazing and unique. No matter if you blindly open
all doors and live with the consequences or plan every single step to get the perfect path, your way will be unique (unless you copy it
from anyone else) but no matter what path you choose , it will be challenging and fun to play. You won't find another pearl like this in the big ocean of maps nowadays — Meanapple

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Sort of first try way-too-meticulous haha
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this seems average for you. But everyone else can only wish to be this creative. I love how we create our own path, and it's not always the same.
here's an AGD. it's a bit sloppy bc I didn't want to die and I had to go back to the top to unlock a door
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Amazing. 5aved.
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Concept - 5
Execution - 5
Bro-love - 5
Thought it was gonna be really cramped and frustrating, but I feel like even if you jumped through it randomly you'd have a pretty fun and manageable bottom level.
Great innovation, I may try a map with this concept


(that happens when you forget to put emoticons behind something you mean with a twinkle in your eye)
I know, but for a map like this even two weeks seems too long ;) *twinkle*




are the best mapper in my opinion. Your maps are always so shiny and new, it's astounding.
He only posted it two weeks ago...?

Fairly sure this isn't a wholly new concept, but it is extremely well executed. Nice!
One of the most amazing non-nreality concepts I've ever seen. Seemed like a thousand maps in one. 5aved.


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review/map iloveitloveitloveit probably favorite map ever!


Minecraft inspired. JK I already said i 5aved


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omg this is awesome..

best map in a while ; D

First go

This really felt like an adventure.
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you are a goddamn genius.

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and then seeing where it takes me
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