Rocket Tango

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Author mrgy05
Tags 1211 action author:mrgy05 playable rated rocket tango
Created 2013-01-13
Last Modified 2013-01-13
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description The competition was rough... but this map is a DED to 1211 [] for the fastest AGD of Ata-Boy []

Thanks for playing!

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...first try AGD...
Demo Data


awesome use of oneways with rockets here

Completion for now.

Loved how the gameplay was different at each level. Once again, thanks!
Demo Data

Oh sweet!

Thanks. Off to play it now. :)


This map is W O W ! ! !
The fast paced action gameplay is really wow,
The atmosphere with these cool 4-tiles is really really wow,
And the replayability is,
WOW! 5/5