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Author 1211
Tags action agd author:1211 minejumper rated
Created 2013-01-14
Last Modified 2013-03-12
by 5 people.
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Description Have a short mine-jumper. Enjoy!

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also had a nice feeling to it.
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Good for episodes, 4!
Great map.
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...AGD... stuff...
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you can make a parcour map, since the mappack is "Parcour and puzzle laboratories". I just assumed you would want to make a puzzle ;) But go ahead and make a parcour map!
You still working on the DDA? I can't wait.

Also, just a heads up that I need the P&P map by like this next Sunday. You don't have to make one for the pack, I am just saying if you decide to make one. Just a friendly reminder :)
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The gold in the upper right corner is worth it if you doing a special trick.
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