The Bullet Proof Ninja (Hold Right)

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Author killerman
Tags author:killerman dda rated
Created 2005-12-22
Last Modified 2005-12-22
by 17 people.
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Description Get ready for some non linear and no gold delay DDA action. Press 1 before you start.

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boooooo u whore. j/k its kinda good . the ninja bout ass bullet proof ass my black ass though. and i kept dying ( by the way im white).4/5


It's long, has lotsa close calls, and incredibly messy!4.5/5


Awesome DDA! Long and loads of close calls. Great job.
somehow i kept dying b4 i reached the end
the messiness adds to the cooolness level
BUT I CAN READ!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't you read? Its on the title.


a brilliant level, but you forgot to say that its hold right. 4.5/5


If it doesn't work.
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