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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny tunnels unrated
Created 2013-01-15
Last Modified 2013-01-15
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Description I sketched most of the tiles in school. hope you enjoy it!

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It's definitely still good, though. :D

Not bad.

The beginning is however, the worst part of the map, but once you get past that it's fine. 3.5/5


There is a place on Forums called Creature Feature in where non-reviewers members can write his reviews and wait to some reviewer without much time or inspiration choose one from there. The thing it's quite quietly lately (in fact, there were times in where was specific days to post only Creature Feature reviews as Featured maps, but these days expired long ago) but anyway you can post it there and give a try. ;)

"What makes a good map in numa is inspiration.

This may be controversial to several elite mappers, but in my opinion it is what numa is about. N maps are made to add on to the original game, to provide a constant stream of additional, complimentary maps. These maps are generally inspired by other previous maps. Then other users can be amazed at the maps, and become inspired. This map, by the well-known lsudny, does just that.
He created a fantastic tileset, and provided some special gameplay. The gold is a perfect challenge for the more experienced players. When you AGD this map, or even just complete it, you will be surprised at how hard you fist-pump instantly.

Here I provide an excellent map by lsudny. Enjoy"

There. My first fake review :D. I suggest sending that awesome review to an admin!

Not to bother you,

how is the P&P map coming along? I need it by like Sunday (Sorry!) Feel free to drop out, I won't mind :) I can tell by zoas' comment you are under a lot of pressure! You must be famous or something...XD

Great map

it inspired me. 5aved (I am like fave-happy today)

beginning is bad. no one is going to play it like you played it

hey suds!

Sorry to bother you again with the thing,
I think it's been a long time now, and I tried not to be heavy, but the third column of MOSS is already in an advanced stage, and I'm missing your awesome tree, you think if you do not mind that you could end up that tree? I can go to IRC if you want, or make things easier, I hope you remember how to do exactly. I await your response friend.


this is a lot more flowy than it looks!
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