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Author the23
Tags author:the23 keepmydreamproject unrated z230088
Created 2013-01-16
Last Modified 2013-01-16
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Description This Map it's a Ded to Meanapple []
for getting an AGD on my previous AUTUMN DAY DISTRACTION Map.

Using his [] tiles.

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what does the name "the23" mean? Just curious.
but just pick ONE to answer:
1)Do I know the person? (be sure)
2)Is it someone on the who's who list?

Sorry to bug you :P my curiosity is taking me over


I cant, but why should I ?
Demo Data


Pretty fast, and challenging to beat unless you're Eddy.
So close with that drone, it's hard to get it before it returns again but that gave me a lot of frames in fact.
Demo in NReality. 169.550
Demo Data

tried AGD

lovely drone path!
yea thats a zoas review :D
Demo Data

Faster SR

Slightly faster with a little innov. Demo in NReality.
Demo Data


sub300. Demo in NReality.
Demo Data
I will finalize things and send it to you for playtesting Sunday. However I am being held up by streetsahead, trance and suds, for their featured maps (haha jk take your time your fine). I can't wait either

Wow dude

lol XD :DDDDDDDDDD Wait so did I post it? Im confused!?! Take the ded anyway :D


since i feel bad that i didn't realise that i didn't post the thank you, and i navigated away or something. Sorry :D thanks for the help

O yeah also

I went back to the gravitron redninja ded map...I forgot to fave it even tho i said 4aved XD sorry!

Thanks man!

I commented on zoas last map...I could have sworn i posted thanks! Read it for more info. And cool map. I made one off his tileset also.