Break In-City (Storm the Gate!)

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny concept unrated
Created 2013-01-16
Last Modified 2013-01-16
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Description a concept map, dunno if this was done earlier. not really playtested... somewhat resemblant of those oneway jumpers :P

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Awkward agd.

I really like the concept here, definitely seems like it could be developed into something more.
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btw, have you see the birthday present map that I've made to you?

Really nice suds!
That (incomplete) tree now looks awesome! I loved it and the scattered twisted branches you have added to it. I'm going to make the rooms inside ;). Hope you can finish the three last parts soon. Sorry for yesterday, I had something like 'not the best day' and I can't got on IRC, hope late this afternoon I can go there and talk, but may be you aren't there since today it's your birthday, Anyway, I'll look.

Yeah, my wiki page it's pretty awesome, and the better thing of it it's that I've made nothing on it. Eddy is how have done completely it and and without me knowing anything, he gave me a surprise. It's pretty extense! I like it!

And finally, this is for you:
Somewhere in the Silesia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!! Have a really nice day man! ;) from zoas/the23 from traveleravi from sunset from mercuri from me

happy birthday

Feliz cumpleaƱos


Happy Birthday Suds!!!!
have a great day man. also, really cool concept. 5aved from me.

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Sorry its kind of bad, i didn't post it. Im sort of busy tho. Cant wait for the collab tommorow!

One more thing

HABBY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man my birthday is in like 2-3 weeks thats so awesome. Happy sweet sixteen. You are such a man now lol XD. Your'e birthday ded is coming out, but here is something in the meantime

We can even

collab it if you want, since we still have the collab from a while ago that we need to start

Your'e welcome :D

O and P&P stands for Parkour and Puzzle (my mappack). No pressure, i was just wondering if you were still doing a puzzle map for it (or parkour) since I need the maps by sunday. :)

dang i can't vote =(

nice concept

good stuff, pretty funny and replayable.
slow agd demo on nreality

4/5! keep rocking man


woah glad you tried something else than rockets.

its pretty good ; )
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