Logic Gatekeeper

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Author the23
Tags author:the23 keepmydreamproject unrated z230089
Created 2013-01-17
Last Modified 2013-01-17
Map Data

Description Each Gold Sections are challenging extra challenges.
All golding this map it's a whole adventure,
only for brave and skilled Ninjas.
If not, you can make a completion without the challenging golds,
still not easy.

This map it's a Ded to EddyMataGallos []
for getting an AGD in my past I Am A Versatile Keep My Dream Map,
with a super awesome run!

This one is from Mighty Pirate Lasers [].

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Yes Xerces,

I know, you're better mapper than me too. I'm just an average guy in all I do, average player, average mapper, you know. You are better than me in both categories.. ;)


...Oh idk zoas :P i can put out a decent map haha...

I can't Xerces,

I must say that I've tried it in fact, but I think I only could take 20 or 30 frames of my run, and it would be difficult and also insufficient, so no, you win! As I'm better mapper than you, I must assume that you are better player than me... :P

... not going for faster anymore zoas?...

Jaja gracias tio :D

Eh tĂș loco!! Que te pasas de largoooo, Eddy!!!! :P ;)

Thanks a lot :D Improved demo, I used an innov at the end that macro did in his run.
Demo Data

There's an undo button or something???


...Well, i could never create a demo faster than eddy's. So ill have to settle for just racing you zoas :P...
Demo Data
You're really aware of what you have done here, man?
The start it's just awesome, do not understand how you are able to chimney like that, really nice little tricks on corridors and innovs, and also I really, really like how you get the exit key finally. Pure genius.
Awesome as always!!
Let me please post this run on the Post a Run! Forums Thread.

Sub-1300 AGD

Wow thanks for the ded :D
Very fun map ;)
Demo Data


Even slightly faster. Legit. Demo in NReality. 114.875

Thank you Ferox, in fact, bottom chaingun it's completely useless, but top chaingun do pretty well his job, I died by it several times in the last climbing jump to the left exit corridor, it's there when it works properly, also it works to a Speedrun route, but hey! anyway awesome hear that from you, a 5 from an exacting guy like you it's a lot. Thank you very much, glad you liked it! :D
Demo Data


...sub 1500 AGD...

...oh well thanks zoas!...
Demo Data

Faster AGD

sub1600. Demo in NReality. 112.650

btw, I said that to emphasize that you are a good and skilled Ninja, the map in fact, isn't really easy to an average player.
Demo Data


...Why do you say that 23?...

The chainguns were near-useless but this was an amazing map otherwise. 5aved

You know, Xerces, you're a brave Ninja.. ;)

Adventurous map!

I might even fave this!!! 4.5/5



...well i have to say that is was fun. but from the description i thought it was going to be a bit harder :P... has a good adventurous feel for sure!...
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