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Author the23
Tags author:the23 keepmydreamproject unrated z230090
Created 2013-01-17
Last Modified 2013-01-17
Map Data

Description Featuring some flow,
with technical mine-jumps parts in between,
Find the flow Ninja!

This map it's a Ded to Ors_II []
for getting an AGD in my past AUTUMN DAY DISTRACTION Keep My Dream Map.

This one is from The Farlands [].

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oh yeah...

well more than 20 tiles are changed... :/
i guess you dont have to join, seeing as you already made one. although this unfortunately wont count, more than 20 tiles are changed


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It feels amazing. Thanks very much for making this map. I´ll put this to favorites. Mines and rocket made this so fun to play I couldn´t make speedrun like I usually do. This time it was AGD.
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The intended route. sub1100. Demo in NReality. 127.025
Demo Data

Fun map. 4/5
Unique and enjoyable!