Floating Slicers

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Author 123leonidas321
Tags author:123leonidas321 contesque metanesque rated
Created 2013-01-17
Last Modified 2013-01-17
by 12 people.
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Description This is another one for Contesque

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decent map

challenge for sure, it's nice and simple but the gameplay is so-so.

cheated demo, i have to say that cheating this way is almost easier than doing the actual level.
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Yes it was your pack, and I would be happy to do it as a three-way collab!
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thanks for including the map:D

hey man!

thats great news, and sorry for not speaking to lately. i didnt even know you were on IRC now. awesome news that you guys are trying out my map:D anyway cool map. i managed to get a cool corner kick at the bottom. man, this ninja is gonna have sore feet tomorrow.

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I went to sleep. So I couldn't have been on the IRC. When I did mine It took a while. I slowly collected parts from people. Its hard to get that many people in the same spot at the same time.


kinda hard


...second try AGD...

...its simple thats for sure, i did have fun though...