Underground Sandstorm

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny hydrojetpax rated riobe
Created 2013-01-19
Last Modified 2013-02-20
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description I've been inspired by Riobe lately.

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oh dingleberries

flag disabled anonymous... Why? I hope I didn't do something! All I ever said was "I agree that we should disable ratings, except I think we should have 1 quote each"



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good night!

have splendiforous dreams.

that was a joke

(btw). Obviously I understood.



although you DID say "inspired by riobe"

Awesome map

This is right up my alley. I love how well you used the mines, tiles, and gaps in the one-ways to make an interesting field of play. I also thought the enemies worked very well.

Fastest AGD so far:
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Your turn mate []


did u figure out who elhombre is? :P

But- but

there are so many good mappers now. My seniority is all I have to hold on to anymore.

It'll look and play like poo




comment on the bubble collab that you were part of!

Also, can you join this? we are in round 2 but you make maps for it whenever you want.


took me long enough, but i enjoyed every attempt. love the chaingun and tiles. no complaints from me.
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I.... I...

don't even know how to map N-ymore

also @lfaber

NAAAAAAAAAAAH suds u dont want to do that what you want to do is this:

teehee people are fighting for you for their competitions u must feel so special XD

our bubble collab

Oh fine!

I'll check right now! Thank you.
Still solid though. 3.5/5^


I AM A REVIEWER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you and mrgy will prob be my nominations for dronies this year (for authors of course)

About bl3wolfs map

O i see.You are too cool to help out with the 3 way collab with me and RD, so you go collabing with this dude. I see. haha jk, great map :D

About this map: Stop making such great maps or else i will have to lower the standards for everyone else, and give others 1s and 2s and you 4s and 5s. Just stop. Faved...AGAIN. And also stop making me fave your awesome maps so much.
but damn, misty, that's an impressive demo. :o


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screw you and your hard level! :)