dangling participles

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Author Barabajagal
Tags author:barabajagal baraba barabajagal featured rated
Created 2013-01-20
Last Modified 2013-01-20
by 22 people.
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This map was featured on 2013-06-04

"Go and unpack."
"But mum*..."
"Do as I say!"

I hate unpacking. It's a chore that seems so unnecessary. Why can't you just open things after you need stuff? You shouldn't have to do everything at once. It's stupid.

Unless you're playing this map, in which case you have to do all of your unpacking now. Unfortunately there are also people who don't want you to do your unpacking all at once. Then again, they also want to kill you.

*That's mom for all you Americans. — ChrisE

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Completion Demo

The way back changed this map from cool to great for me; it's a very conceptually cohesive and whole map that has this nice elegance to it.
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Faster speed

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Demo Data
got pretty bad at the end...
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So simple!

So effective! I'll get a demo in later.

very cool



it up so much at the end.
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For some reason or another, just adds that extra... kick to the concept imo.

AGD, one frame faster than Macro
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Demo Data
At least for the conceptual/innovative genre.


even worse! haha
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but super cool map

shame that based on timing of switches you can basically make it impossible to continue or to head back, but i'm not sure if this was avoidable.
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hah ;_;

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worth a feature. It is a clever map.

Yeah, sorry Leo,

That's quite a while ago, 5 months!!! :P
Anyway, check The Complete Baraba or his Vehemence maps. You know, I'm his manager.. :P
that was a while ago, at least for me ;)

Well baraba...

if you liked my demo, macro's will blow your miiiiiind, maaaaaaaan.
You should check his 'Complete Baraba' in Forums +500 maps. Quite challenging and clean style, pretty conceptual too.


Totally agree with ska. 5. ;)
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great demo
you really force the player to think about where and when to jump; a hallmark of a great puzzle map. If this doesn't get featured one day, there is something seriously wrong with the reviewing system. 5aved and 90.000 Nreality AGD (talking about going full circle).
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Great concept

awesome map tho. 4aved

Quite funny that something this simple gets so much more attention.. lol, cant seem to get the right moves done but it looks like fun.. 4/5

holy crap

this is cool.

barabajagal instant classic

surprising flow

and nice concept makes for a great map

the gold was weird to grab imo


And perfectly executed.


Here's an AGD.
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strange map