Steel Islands Behind a Cold Night Sky

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Author efaber
Tags action author:efaber chaingun gauss mines sky unrated
Created 2013-01-20
Last Modified 2013-01-20
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description My first real map in a while.
Seems like it could be cheated with some skill.

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Our bubble collab

send me link.
But my name is Eli.
And I'm finished with my part.

so how

are you doing on your part of teh buubble collab, the part i sent below. u know the one we talked about on irc

You are ethan

and the mass collab we are doing with th bubbles.

Ps:I became a reviewer today!!!!!

Who is Ethan?

And what collab?


your brother's map was very good. I expect just the same for your part of the collab :D

i see no way to cheat here however the map and doors are very strangely palced

slow first try AGD

Demo Data


trapdoors seem useless
Demo Data