Temple Run

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead race rated
Created 2013-01-23
Last Modified 2013-01-23
by 11 people.
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Description A little race I made in 1-3 hours (didn't count). I made it different to my usual style, by thinking of an actual theme beforehand (credit to XY for convincing me). I haven't thoroughly playtested this so I might delist-relist it and edit it. Have fun!

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perfect flow = zero issues with the zap drone. <3
about the internet. I've gotten loads more now so it's all good! FINALLY I CAN WATCH SOME YOUTUBE!!!
I'd just like to say though that there is a rather large chance that I won't be on here from tomorrow (or a couple days) until February 7-10, because my internet is almost out. But I will probably make a few maps in that time so yer.


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Created some awesome moments!
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i <3 races so much

this is pretty well done. that zap drone in the upper left is a flow killer a lot of the time, but when you do get past it there is a sweet feeling of victory.



Holy Jesus' sandals this map is cool.
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cool shit here people, play this!
Get it?
also check this out:

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To me,

aesthetically speaking, looks better Lasers, Phasers and Bamboo Sabers or even New Year's Race.


this is really cool and fun to fbf
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That one drone

needs WAY better placement. it is so hard to keep avoiding.


this is one of your best races by far. It is super fun and looks great. 5aved

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If you get confused, consult this.
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